Trying To Quit? This E-Cigarette Tweets Your Shame

Theyre primarily sold as a device to help smokers quit, but because they dont use tobacco, they arent subject to FDA or state smoking regulations, and can be advertised on television . This fact has led big tobacco companies to start investing in e-cigarettes, which has some anti-smoking groups worried that they may start to use them as gateways to the real thing . Connecting the e-cigarette to Twitter, where it could potentially go viral and reach millions of people, seems like it would be a dream come true for big tobacco companies. But the people at R/GA say they view the tool as more of a tracking device along the lines of the Jawbone wristband, and the tweets the device sends focus, however glibly, on the benefits of quitting, not the novelty of the device itself. I think of using those analytics as a cessation tool for people, rather than promoting smoking, says senior communications associate Martin Maisonpierre.
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Are e-cigarettes healthier?

The consumer will also have to buy a replacement tank for $6.99 about once a month, depending on usage. In the end, a one-pack-per-day light cigarette smoker will spend about $25 per month vaporing, compared to about $150 per month smoking. I wanted a way to wean myself off cigarettes, she said, adding that nicotine patches was one option. She decided against patches because e-cigarettes allow her to still inhale and exhale, retaining that oral fixation associated with cigarettes.
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eSmokers – Breaking the Law or Just Our Patience?


Last Friday as I was heading into the Big Apple, I practically fell out of my pleather seat when the guy next to me lit up an electronic cigarette and for the next 10 minutes, sucked on what looked like a giant ball point pen. When he exhaled, a strange vapor blew across my face that smelled like burning toe-cheese. The guy sitting in front of the man smoking his electronic cigarette didnt seem to notice while I was having a sweaty anxiety attack.
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